Why do people choose stamped concrete?

Decorative stamped concrete is appealing for many reasons. First, it’s an economical alternative to pavers and natural stone, especially for applications such as patios, driveways, walkways, and pool decks. It also requires less maintenance than those materials because it has no joints where weed growth can occur. Adding to the value of stamped concrete is the material’s longevity. Installed and maintained, stamped concrete will last for decades. From an aesthetic standpoint, stamped concrete is hard to beat when it comes to pattern and colour options, which are virtually unlimited.

Does it look fake?

Stamped concrete looks very realistic because most stamping mats are moulded from the actual materials they are designed to replicate. To achieve natural-looking colour variations, such as you would see in real stone. We often use integral or dry-shake colour in conjunction with surface-applied colouring mediums. If anything, stamped concrete looks better than the real thing, because you won’t get weed or moss growth in between the joints, and it won’t rot or splinter.

Will it crack, and can it be repaired?
Stamped concrete is one of the most durable and long lasting paving materials available in the world, cracks in the concrete can be minimised by correct installation techniques. The nature of the concrete is un predictable, in case cracks appears, the same can be repaired and matched to surrounding.

Will the colour fade?
We use the worlds best available iron oxide pigments which never fades although Efflorescence, weathering, dirt and traffic can take their toll on the colour stamped concrete. You can minimize any colour change by periodically cleaning and resealing the concrete. Even if the colour has faded due to years of neglect or lace of maintenance, it can often be restored to its original state by cleaning and resealing.

Can stamped concrete go over my existing concrete?
Existing concrete that’s in good condition can be covered with a stamped overlay, which will give you the same look as conventional stamped concrete. Stamped overlay can be used to upgrade the appearance of plain concrete driveways, patios walkways, pool decks and even interior floors.

Is it slippery?
Because stamped concrete is a textured surface, it is often more slip resistant than conventional concrete.

Is stamped concrete expensive?
Stamped concrete can be expensive, depending on the costs for materials and labour in your local market and the complexity of the job. But the old adage, “you get what you pay for,” really holds true for stamped concrete. For your initial outlay, You’ll get a pavement that lasts longer and requires less maintenance than most other paving materials, which can add up to big savings over the pavement’s lifetime. You’ll also curb appeal and aesthetic value to your home, allowing you to maximize the return on your investment.

How long will stamped concrete last?
Like conventional concrete, stamped concrete will last for decades when properly installed and maintained, even when to harsh winter weather conditions. In some cases, stamped concrete can be even more durable than standard concrete, because of the colour hardener has been applied to the surface. We also apply a sealer to stamped concrete to protect it from wear abrasion and make it easier to maintain.

What are Granimitz products?
Granimitz is the registered brand name for our extensive line of manufactured stone veneer and brick products.

Is this real stone ?
These are manufactured stones with the additional advantages of lightweight and ease of installation.

What are Granimitz made of?
They are cast in moulds using a steam cured process that faithfully captures even the faintest detail. Each colour and texture uses its own blend of Portland cement, lightweight natural aggregates iron oxide pigments and special additives. Even on close examination, these manufactured stones look and feel just like the originals.

How do Granimitz compare in cost with natural stone?
Granimitz installed cost is usually much lower than the installed cost of natural stone. Granimitz products require no additional footings foundations or wall ties, and installation time will be considerably less than when using natural stone.

How heavy are Granimitz Stone products?
The weight of Granimitz is 30%-50% lesser then the natural stone the weight of Granimitz is approximately 2.5-6kg per square feet.

Dose the colour go all the way through?
Base colour is blended throughout the entire product Colour overtones are applied and integrated into the product during the casting process.

How long will Granimitz Stone products last and are they warranted?
As Granimitz products are a lightweight concrete material, they will last as long as any quality concrete or masonry material such as concrete block, brick etc. Granimitz products carry a 7 years limited warranty.
What Kind of surface is necessary in order to use Granimitz products?
Granimitz products may be applied over any properly prepared, clean, untreated, structurally sound wall surfaces such as wood, wallboard, masonry or metal.
How are Granimitz products adhered to wall surfaces?
Granimitz products are installed using Luxture’s Tile Adhesive over a properly prepared substrate.
Can Granimitz Stone products be used on both exterior and interior applications?
Granimitz products are suitable for both and allow you bring the outdoors inside, emphasizing design and continuity in colour and texture.
Should I Colour the mortar?
Granimitz product applications are enhanced when colour Luxture’s Tile Adhesive/grouting agent is used.
Is any maintenance required?
Occasional washing to remove surface dust and dirt is all that is required Granimitz products are virtually maintenance-free.