Luxtures's Signature 3D Solid Surfaces

Good project is just a part of success, the rest is determined by our own choices. Wishing to surround ourselves with beautiful things we select stylish and those of exceptional design. Obviously, beautifully arranged interiors make living much more pleasant. Luxture’s Signature 3D concrete panels are the effect of intensive work of Italian designers. Owing to typical of Italian natural elegance as well as their courage to make unconventional patterns, you will create stylish space.


The Manufactured Stone Veneers : its a decorative building material manufactured to replicate the look of natural stone. ' Granimitz' collection of stones and brick products has every thing you need for an innovative interiors and exteriors of any building. " Granimitz" are light in weight and comes with interlocking features. They comes in various textures and colors that will suit any design with out worries of color and tonality differentiation. Installation cost of " Granimitz' is offend less then the cost of natural stones and they are vertically maintenance free and stands unaffected against the external weather calamities.


The Stamped Concrete: Its a unique decorative concrete product which created deep wall and floor textures with a very realistic natural stone, brick and wood look. " Decorcem" is not only a product , but a complete methodology involving special material, special tools and workmanship to create model stones and bricks. Decoecem is an on site application involving, plastering, coloring antiquing etc. Decorcem can be installed on virtually any kind of absorbent surfaces and bonds strongly with even the most difficult surface. the "Decorcem" system comes with added features like light weight and seamless finish, controls air conditioning cost, easy to install and requires less preparation, breathable, fungus and fade resistance, no unwanted color and tone variation, can be installed at the interiors and exteriors of any building.


The Visual Concrete: " Luxtures Concrete facades" {LCF] is a revolutionary new building material which is applied with a thickness of 3-12 mm and this can be applied to any kind of surface like plastered walls, wood boards, gypsum boards, concrete floors etc. LCF replicates like original concrete which can take on any shape and size. LCF is an effort to put into frame , the ideas of architects and designers to allow the concrete look fascinating and dramatic on walls, ceilings and floors without compromising the rigidity and strength inherent in it.LCF is a modern concert system comprising cement, hardest earthen material, polymers and special additives, modern technology and special tools and workmanship. all this together makes our system a unique methodology to present concrete which is beautiful and with stands against the external weather calamities.


LUXTURE'S SEAMLESS FLOOR'S is a specially formulated polymer bonded cement based material with special additives to form a seamless joint free, micro decorative concrete finish which is virtually crack resistant, impact & abrasion resistant. Cement is specially designed to create or renovate floor & furniture's for interiors & exteriors.

Luxture's Textures

Luxture's Stone Imitation Coatings & Wall Textured Paints are made up of high grade water-based acrylic/ pure acrylic /silicon emulsion, premium natural crushed stone and imported additives for decoration and protection of interior & exterior walls with natural stone effect.