WHAT IS Decorcem?

Elevate Your Home Decor with DECORCEM by Luxture: 

In the realm of interior design and home decor, finding the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality is paramount. One such innovative solution that has been making waves in the industry is DECORCEM by Luxture. With its unique properties and versatile applications, DECORCEM has become a go-to choice for homeowners and interior designers alike.

Advantages of DECORCEM:

DECORCEM is not just a simple coating or overlay; it's a comprehensive onsite application that encompasses plastering, coloring, antiquing, and more. What sets DECORCEM apart is its remarkable ability to be installed on virtually any absorbent surface, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of projects. From residential spaces to commercial establishments, DECORCEM's versatility knows no bounds.

One of the standout advantages of DECORCEM is its exceptional bonding strength. Even on challenging surfaces, DECORCEM adheres seamlessly, ensuring a long-lasting and durable finish. This remarkable bond contributes to its lightweight composition and smooth finish, adding a touch of elegance to your spaces. Additionally, the seamless finish of DECORCEM plays a role in controlling air conditioning costs, as it minimizes the risk of heat transfer through gaps or imperfections.

Installation of DECORCEM is a breeze, requiring minimal preparation compared to traditional methods. This not only saves time but also reduces the hassle of extensive pre-installation work. The breathability of DECORCEM is another advantage that contributes to its popularity. Its breathable nature prevents moisture buildup and minimizes the risk of fungal growth, making it an excellent choice for both interiors and exteriors.

Floor Overlays with DECORCEM:

One of the most captivating applications of DECORCEM is in the form of floor overlays. Imagine walking into a room with a floor that exudes the timeless beauty of marble or the rustic charm of natural stone. DECORCEM floor overlays can replicate the appearance of these high-end materials while offering enhanced durability and easy maintenance.

DECORCEM's floor overlays are designed to withstand the daily wear and tear of foot traffic, making them an ideal solution for busy households and commercial spaces. The overlays not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area but also provide a comfortable walking surface. Whether you're aiming for a classic look or a contemporary vibe, DECORCEM floor overlays can be customized to match your desired style.

Wall Overlays with DECORCEM:

When it comes to transforming the walls of your living space, DECORCEM wall overlays offer an array of possibilities. These overlays bring texture, depth, and character to your walls, turning them into stunning focal points that capture attention. From sleek and modern to rich and traditional, DECORCEM wall overlays can be tailored to suit your design preferences.

The seamless application of DECORCEM on walls eliminates the concern of unwanted color and tone variations that can often occur with traditional paints. This consistency in color and texture ensures a harmonious ambiance that radiates throughout the room. Furthermore, DECORCEM wall overlays showcase remarkable fade resistance, ensuring that the beauty of your walls remains intact over time.

Elevate Your Interior Design with DECORCEM by Luxture

In the world of interior design, DECORCEM by Luxture stands as a testament to innovation and creativity. Its unique advantages, including strong bonding, lightweight composition, and seamless finish, make it a versatile choice for various projects. The remarkable floor overlays and captivating wall overlays offered by DECORCEM bring charm and elegance to both residential and commercial spaces.

With DECORCEM, you can transcend the limitations of traditional materials and create spaces that reflect your personal style and preferences. Whether you're looking to revamp your floors or transform your walls, DECORCEM offers a world of possibilities that enhance the beauty and functionality of your living spaces. Embrace the elegance of DECORCEM and embark on a journey of interior design excellence.

Incorporate DECORCEM by Luxture into your home decor plans, and witness the transformation of your spaces into showcases of elegance and sophistication. Experience the seamless fusion of aesthetics and practicality that DECORCEM brings, as it adorns your floors and walls with timeless beauty and charm.



Decorcem by Luxture is an exquisite line of decorative cementitious coatings crafted to redefine interior and exterior surfaces. This premium collection offers a range of luxurious finishes, combining innovation and aesthetics to enhance the beauty of your living spaces.

Decorcem stands out by blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. This unique formulation creates a durable and visually stunning surface that surpasses traditional wall coatings. It offers versatility in design, allowing you to achieve a sophisticated and distinctive look.

Yes, Decorcem is crafted for low-maintenance luxury. The coatings are resistant to stains and can be easily cleaned with a mild detergent and water solution. This ensures that your surfaces maintain their beauty over time with minimal effort.

Luxture is dedicated to sustainability, and Decorcem reflects this commitment. The formulations are low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), contributing to better indoor air quality and reduced environmental impact. Choose Decorcem for a stylish finish aligned with eco-conscious values.

Decorcem by Luxture is available for purchase through our official website. Purchase as soon as possible to begin transforming your interior and exterior spaces with the elegance and sophistication of Decorcem.


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